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Please consult fo rmore information on NGO registration, grant applications, reporting, etc.

Word versions of the grant application and report forms are available on the EYF website ( – Resources/Forms & guidelines), as well as the financial reporting guidelines.

Update July 2018:

The following forms have been updated and can be found on the Forms & guidelines page:

- Guidelines for financial reporting

- Report form for international activities

- Budget table for reporting on international activities

The EYF has also prepared a travel expenses reimbursement form that can be adapted if necessary to suit your needs.


New features available for NGOs having submitted at least one grant application

Check the Reports / Reports in progress menu to see up-to-date information on the final grants paid for all closed projects and the grant paid so far for ongoing projects (draft report or report submitted).

It is now possible to download the documents attached to your locked/closed grant applications and reports.

Updated 31/08/2017

**********  IMPORTANT INFORMATION ***********

The pilot activity programme is re-opened as from 1 January 2018.

Since 28 September 2017, the pilot activity programme was on hold as a result of the decision by the Russian Federation to suspend payment of the outstanding balance of its 2017 contributions to the budget of the Council of Europe. In addition to the decision by the Russian Federation, the Turkish authorities have decided to discontinue Turkey’s status as a major contributor to the Council of Europe budget. These two decisions directly impact the EYF budget for programme activities.

The Programming Committee on Youth has therefore decided to reduce for a trial period of one year the maximum grant for pilot activities from €10 000 to €8 500.

Please check the EYF website regularly (page How to apply – Deadlines) to be informed about future cut-off dates to apply for a pilot activity:

Updated 20/03/2018