Registration request

Preliminary questions

My organisation is non-profit-making and non-governmental.

My organisation has its own statutes.

My organisation runs activities for young people (15-30).

It is young people who take the decisions of our organisation (in our decision-making structures and our programme of activities).

Members of my organisation are aged between 15 and 30.

Our work is in line with the values and priorities of the Council of Europe and we respect the values and principles of the Council of Europe.

If you continue with the registration process, you will be asked to attach supporting documents, without which your registration cannot be completed. Before proceeding, please check that you can attach the following documents:
• An annual report of activities or a list of recent youth projects carried out by my organization;
• An official version of the statutes of my organization in the original language (scanned copy with stamps and signatures from a public authority – if applicable);
• A full translation of the statutes of my organization into English or French.

How did you find out about the EYF ?

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