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Titre du projetAnnéePays de l'ONGType de projetType de subventionNom de l'ONG
‘’Volunteering - a Form of Social and Civic Awareness – conducting a training seminar and volunteering activities’’ 2013BulgarieSensibilisationActivité piloteRhodopaea - Balkanica Association
CHAriSMA: Combating HAte Speech Multipliers and Ambassadors 2017GrèceDéveloppement de compétencesActivité piloteYouthnet Hellas
Gender and Equality: an introduction toward the action 2014Pays-BasSensibilisationActivité internationaleWorld Organisation of Young Esperantists TEJO
Medical students for health and rights of refugees and migrants 2017Pays-BasPlan de travailInternational Federation of Medical Students' Associations
"Advancing Higher Education in Belarus: Creating Multipliers for democratic and sustainable Reforms” 2013BélarusSensibilisationActivité piloteRepublican youth organization Civil Forum
"Art for Change" SPECIAL CALL UKRAINE 2014UkraineSensibilisationActivité piloteChernivtsi cell of allukranian organization PORA
"Building up institutional capacities in implementing anti-discrimination Law - training of journalists and NGOs" 2013SerbieSensibilisationActivité piloteAssociation for Sexual and reproductive Health and Rights SRH Serbia
"Gender Human Rights in Sardinia" 2014ItalieDéveloppement de compétencesActivité piloteMine Vaganti NGO
"Gender preference does not define YOUth. The spirit defines YOUth!" - Empowering Youth of Rainbow 2016AzerbaïdjanDéveloppement de compétencesActivité piloteYouth Development Center
"Guns kill terrorists, education kills terrorism" - supporting youth to prevent radicalization leading to violent extremism in Azerbaijan 2017AzerbaïdjanSensibilisationActivité piloteYouth Development Center
"In the Eyes of the Beholder" 2015ItalieSensibilisationActivité internationaleYOUNG MEN S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION PARTHENOPE ONLUS
"INVIGORATE" - Mainstreaming the Role of IDP Women into Peacebuilding through (non-formal)Education 2017AzerbaïdjanDéveloppement de compétencesActivité piloteSuccessful Future
"Password for Human Rights:new tools for active participation" 2016ItalieDéveloppement de compétencesActivité internationaleAssociazione Internazionale per la Cooperazione e l'Educazione nel Mondo
"People to People" - social interaction between Christian and Muslim rural youngsters 2017BulgarieProjet participatifActivité piloteYouth movement for development of the rural areas in Bulgaria
"RomaShare”- Best practices’ exchange in Palermo 2013ItalieDéveloppement de compétencesActivité pilotePer Esempio
"See beyond" - merging personal stories and visual art to embrace diversity and fight stereotypes 2018UkraineSensibilisationActivité piloteSociety Initiatives Institute
"Special Call Ukraine" iMov(i)e for Peace 2015UkraineSensibilisationActivité piloteVolyn Charity Organization "Joy of the Childhood"
"Switch OFF aggression and hate speech, Switch ON tolerance and mutual understanding" 2017BulgarieSensibilisationActivité piloteYouth and Civil Initiatives in the Rose Valley
"The Voice of Youth - The Voice of Change!" 2013BulgarieProjet participatifActivité piloteYouth movement for development of the rural areas in Bulgaria
"Turn Hate Off" - Training for Trainers on No Hate Speech 2017GéorgieDéveloppement de compétencesActivité piloteYouth Association DRONI